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Google’s Page Experience Update – What it Means for Your Dental Practice

April 12, 2021 By Natalia Decius DENTAL MARKETING

As marketers, we constantly hear about the importance of video to a successful content marketing strategy. Online consumer behaviour has proven that people are more likely to consume and engage with video content than written content in most cases, and it’s likely that your VP or CMO has asked you to ramp up your video marketing strategy.

A successful video marketing strategy includes creating great video content that is easily searchable and distributing it in a way that gets it in front of as many viewers as possible. Here are some tips to help set your video marketing efforts up for success.

1. Optimize the video

There are four elements of a video that Google uses to understand and rank your content. These are on-page text, referral links, structured data and the video file itself. Before you start posting your video anywhere, make sure its creators have considered each of these elements.

2. Make your videos public

Make it easier for Google to find your videos by making them accessible to everyone. Each video should have a web page that corresponds to it, and these pages should have publicly accessible URLs. Create a YouTube or Vimeo account for your business and house your videos there. This makes them easy to link and share to and makes them easier for Google to find. Amplify your video by adding it to your Google My Business page.

3. Help Google find you

Embed your videos into custom-built, accessible website pages, and use proper structured data to help Google find your videos and understand what they’re about. Make sure your website schema markup that includes information like the video title, description, length, thumbnail, URLs and more. It’s important to make it as easy as possible for Google to find your content.

4. Use good thumbnails

A high-quality thumbnail should be on the list of elements needed for every video you create. Thumbnails need to be accessible to Google in order for the page to appear in video features. Make sure there is nothing blocking Google from accessing the thumbnail.

5. Content files

Ensuring that Google can find your video content files is key to making your pages eligible for helpful search features like video previews and key moments. Video previews are when Google takes a few seconds from your video to use as a click, which can create more engagement than a thumbnail image.

6. Share, share, share

Share your videos with the world by posting them on your social media accounts and using a budget to amplify the posts. Creating content that is interesting and engaging will encourage others to share it. Use the videos in your email marketing efforts and continue driving traffic to the pages that house the embedded videos on your website.

If you need help with your video content creation or distribution strategy, reach out to the team at Vitamin D Marketing & Design. We can work together to build a video marketing strategy tailored to the unique needs of your business.

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