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Marketing New Dental Technology: Optimizing Your Website

March 28, 2024 By Natalia Decius MARKETING

As patients become increasingly informed and selective about their dental care, staying ahead with the latest dental technologies is key to your success.

With unprecedented access to information, regular people can search out alternative treatment options for their aches and pains, including new technologies that can help make their dental treatments more efficient and more comfortable.

Because of this, it’s incredibly important for dentists to equip their practices with new technologies to ensure their treatment options meet the needs and expectations of their patients.

But once you purchase the equipment, how do you make sure your current and potential patients know about it?

That’s where your website comes in.

This blog, the second in our series on marketing new dental technologies, explains how optimizing your dental practice website is key to ensuring those valuable investments are showcased properly and that your practice gets noticed by potential patients online.

The first impression counts

Your website is the first impression you make on many potential patients, as it’s often the first place they look when deciding whether your practice is right for them. This is why it’s so important to put information about your investments in new dental technologies front and center – so they see it as soon as they click through to your site.

But in order to showcase your technology, you first need to be seen. Here is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in, making your site more visible when someone in your area searches for the dental technologies you offer.

SEO and content

You’ve probably heard about SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. SEO might sound complex, but it just boils down to enhancing the visibility of your website in search engine results. SEO involves using targeted keywords, improving site speed, and ensuring your website is mobile-friendly, among other strategies. By focusing on SEO, you make it easier for people searching for specific dental technologies to find your practice first.

The content included on your website plays a pivotal role in this process. By content, we mean the text displayed on your site, describing yourself, your practice, the services you offer and the technology you use.

Many dentists also invest in educational content like blogs and white papers that not only aid in SEO but also showcase trust and subject matter expertise. Plus, this kind of content incorporates strategic keywords that potential patients are likely to use in their online searches, thereby improving your website's search engine ranking.

The terms and topics you choose for your content can significantly boost your website's searchability, and including relevant content about the dental technologies you have invested in for your practice will help your site rank higher when potential patients are at home searching online for a practitioner that offers the specific treatments those technologies afford.

Remember when you’re writing this content about your new technologies – focus on the benefits, not the features. Patients want to know exactly how these tools can improve the experience and results of their dental treatment. The technical details about how the technology works can be left out.

Final thoughts

In the competitive field of dental care, your website is a critical tool for marketing new technologies and attracting new patients. Through effective SEO and targeted content creation, you can ensure that your practice not only stands out but also meets the needs of the modern, tech-savvy patient.

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