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Video Content Ideas for a Dental Office

May 19, 2021 By Natalia Decius DENTAL MARKETING

It’s no secret that video marketing can provide great benefits for a dental office that wants to engage with their patient file and the local community around them. In today’s day and age, people are glued to their phone screens with a very short attention spam. A professionally produced, short video is a great way to connect with your audience.

If you are a dental office owner and want to invest some of your marketing budget into video content, here are top 4 content ideas for you to consider:

#1 Professional Introduction Video – this is a short introduction to your office and new patient experience. A walk thru the office to showcase your office look, environment, technology and communication approach. It will help your audience get a good feel for your practice. Better yet, it will be the push to get them to pick up the phone and book their first dental appointment. Upload the completed video to your youtube channel and share it with your audience on the landing page of your website, Google My Business and Social media.

#2 Showcase your technology and the key benefits to patient care and comfort. Whether it’s digital scanner that eliminates standard impressions, cerec restorations or lasers – it’s your opportunity to show the benefits that impact patient’s comfort and lifestyle. More importantly, you have made a significant investment in your practice so why not show it off.

#3 Promote the key services you’d like to grow within the practice. For example, if one of those treatments is Invisalign, shoot a short 1-2 minute video that demonstrates the process of getting Invisalign treatment and answers some commonly asked questions.

#4 Introduce your new team members in a more engaging way. A great example is doing a short interview with a new associate dentist that joined your practice. Along with asking them about their professional background, make it fun and ask more lifestyle questions. This will allow to showcase the person’s personality and start building long lasting relationships with your patient file.

For more dental marketing tips, be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel at Vitamin D Marketing & Design. Whether you are starting a practice, transitioning or getting ready to sell, give us a call. We would love to work with you.

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